Appendix D. PC Hardware compatibility

Table of Contents
D.1. Resources on the Internet
D.2. Sample Configurations
D.3. Core/Processing
D.4. Input/Output Devices
D.5. Storage Devices
D.6. * Other

Issues of hardware compatibility are among the most troublesome in the computer industry today and FreeBSD is by no means immune to trouble. In this respect, FreeBSD's advantage of being able to run on inexpensive commodity PC hardware is also its liability when it comes to support for the amazing variety of components on the market. While it would be impossible to provide a exhaustive listing of hardware that FreeBSD supports, this section serves as a catalog of the device drivers included with FreeBSD and the hardware each drivers supports. Where possible and appropriate, notes about specific products are included. You may also want to refer to the kernel configuration file section in this handbook for a list of supported devices.

As FreeBSD is a volunteer project without a funded testing department, we depend on you, the user, for much of the information contained in this catalog. If you have direct experience of hardware that does or does not work with FreeBSD, please let us know by sending e-mail to the FreeBSD documentation project mailing list . Questions about supported hardware should be directed to the FreeBSD general questions mailing list (see Mailing Lists for more information). When submitting information or asking a question, please remember to specify exactly what version of FreeBSD you are using and include as many details of your hardware as possible.

D.1. Resources on the Internet

The following links have proven useful in selecting hardware. Though some of what you see won't necessarily be specific (or even applicable) to FreeBSD, most of the hardware information out there is OS independent. Please check with the FreeBSD hardware guide to make sure that your chosen configuration is supported before making any purchases.